“Inspirational” Type Of Day


We all have a totally unproductive day now and again and that’s OK! Some days you just need to take some time to unwind. It may seem hard to fathom that the world won’t end if we can’t be the absolute perfect domestic goddess, chef, employee, window washing litter box cleaner in the world!

Myself for example, it could be I’m in more pain than usual, mentally beat down or maybe just feeling plain lazy. The reasons are as varied as the flowers in a botanical garden. What matters is I realize I need a break, or as I like to call them “a mental health day”. You may be thinking, “wait this title says “inspirational” type of day?”.  Yes, I meant exactly that! I am at times “inspired” to give myself what I need the most. To just put aside what the world demands and allow myself to enjoy some quiet time for my mind as well as my tired body.

Full time wife, mother, nurse, friend, and everything that goes along with these titles, can add up to an overwhelming sense of responsibilities. Throw in the fact I am grieving the death of my son, worrying about elderly parents who don’t live close by and trying to be a good coworker, it can seem impossible to manage!

Giving yourself what you need most assuredly will allow you to gift more to the others in your life! Be “inspired” and take time for you! Enjoy that long bubble bath, book you’ve been waiting to read or maybe just relax and nap on a blanket under a tree. Trust me! Enjoying the simple pleasures creates and allows a more productive self in that important task called living.


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