Not A Laughing Matter


I have been witness to several people who inadvertently hurt my heart and remained completely oblivious. The person who comments about how they “would rather be dead than have to eat that food” or “I’ll die if I fail the test”! No, you won’t physically die if you fail the test. However, there may be someone who was in the throes of a deep depression who did take their life after said test. You never know what is going on in people’s lives and these little shots at humor can be hurtful and in bad taste! The person next to you may have lost a loved one to suicide or may have attempted it themselves.

Another issue is the use of gestures such as putting your fingers to your head in a gunshot motion or acting as if you have a noose around your neck and are being hung. It doesn’t always take words to hurt a survivor of suicide. There is public outrage and disbelief that someone would mock a handicapped person or call someone derogatory names.  Unacceptable? Yes, yet it is OK to make fun of or act out suicidal actions? No, I think not!!!

It’s known that a high percentage of survivors suffer some sort of PTSD after the suicide of a loved one. I myself was unable to answer my phone and would have a panic attack when it rang for two full years after receiving the call about my sons suicide. People became frustrated and angry at times but I just couldn’t take the chance of more bad news. Not many people were aware of this manifestation of my PTSD.  Those who were respected my journey and would text me if they needed anything.

Everyone should take a stand and let the offender know it’s not funny to say or gesticulate in a joking manner about suicide. The person next to you may be suffering and unable to advocate for themselves. I am that person who once again can say something to the person who jokes about this life altering irrevocable decision. Please don’t!

Thank you and spread the word to get the conversation started!

Suicide is no laughing matter!!!

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