A Time To Heal By Helping



There comes a time in healing and grief when you must use the skills you have learned to help others which in turn helps yourself.

Learning to live again after my son’s death has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Many people have helped me in the journey to what is my new normal. I don’t like this new life without my son at times but it’s mine and I will survive. Christopher would have wanted a life for me and I will not fail!

I have endured great loss and came out on the other side. I survived with the help of other survivors and their wisdom and suggestions for coping skills. Something as simple as listening to me or as complex as seeing a professional counselor. The problem is when you are buried deep in grief it’s almost impossible to make a move much less decide what to do to survive.

Empathy is a wonderful tool. I have been given the opportunity to be part of a project writing a book for grieving parents in the first year of their journey. We choose a subject that was part of our grief journey and write about what we did to cope. It is a nonprofit project and the books will be donated to various grief counseling groups! The submissions are due November 1st so I’d better get busy!

Even if this book helps one person it will be worth it and hopefully I will be a little part of it!

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